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new release: harder

All he left was his dog tag and a note…

When Tony Abatelli walked away from the love of his life, he knew it was for the best. Surviving the rigorous and perilous missions of a Green Beret meant he had to move forward and not look back. But now, as a specialist with Blackrain security, when all signs indicate that Jules Bakas is in danger, he’ll stop at nothing until she’s safely in his arms once again.

Jules isn’t the same girl he left all those years ago. Time and circumstances hardened the carefree girl she once was. Now a journalist with a penchant for the grittier stories and a tendency to piss off the enemies, Jules’ life is on the line. Suddenly, Tony’s enemies and Jules’ enemies are one in the same, and nobody is safe – not him, not her, and not his Unit. When danger encompasses Jules, it’s up to Tony to save her before it’s too late.