Sarah Greyson’s To-Do List

Hi all!

I am beginning a new manuscript and a new to-do list while I wait for my third manuscript to go to the editor on August 18th.  Beginning a new manuscript requires research, character development, and outlining.  Here is my to-do list for my fourth manuscript.


  1. Character development including positive and negative traits. 
  2. Research a proper setting.  The setting needs to be on piece of farm land close enough to a small town which isn’t too far (maybe an hour) from a big city.
  3. Describe the setting in Scrivener.
  4. Outline the story in Scrivener.
  5. Begin writing manuscript.
  6. Ongoing research as needed.
  7. Read a dark read for inspiration.
  8. Write at least 1500 words a day.

The fourth manuscript, which I intend on titling Something of the Forest, is going to be something darker than I have ever written before.  I would love to read a story like this one.  And you know what they say, “Write the story you want to read.”

Here is a picture of my main antagnoist/protagonist, Brody.  This picture serves as my inspiration for the main character.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.  However, you have to picture him wearing trendy glasses while at work and a beanie while on the farm.

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PS.  If you have read a dark read lately that is well-written, please comment below with the title and author.  I need a good one.

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