Sarah Greyson: Missing in Action

I wanted to apologize to all of you for being gone for a few months.  Unfortuantely, those months weren’t spent writing.  Instead, I have been dealing with some very serious problems with my teenager.  I am sure those of you that have raised children or are in the teen years now can relate.  My oldest son got mixed up with the wrong crowd and started down the wrong path.  It took all of me to get him back on the right path.

Now that he is on the right path again, I can devote my spare time to writing.  My third book in The Unit series is scheduled for release in March 2017.  I know you’ll love it.

As an Indie author, money is always a factor.  I’m not sure if you know this or not but it costs about one thousand dollars to publish your own book, if you do it right.  I only want to do it right.  That means hiring an editor, a proofreader, and a formatter.  I am aware that some authors skip these steps, but I want you to have the best of me.  And having the best of me means having a book that is well written and edited.  The first time I write a story, I’m really writing it for me.  The edits are for all of you.  It is true that Harder (The Unit 3) took me a long time to write.  I’m not sure why, but the title was certainly appopriate.  But I assure you that I have had it read by seven betas.  They all loved it and in loving it suggested changes that would only make it better.  Therefore, I have rewritten it.  Now it goes to editing in Febuary.  In the meantime, I am working on my fourth book titled Something of the Forest.  I already have the cover, now I just need to finish it.  It will be a standalone novel.  It is dark and twisted and not for the faint of heart.  But this is the story that I need to write now.

I hope you can forgive my absence from the book world.  And more than that, I hope you welcome be back with open arms.




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